Jewelry & Gemstone Guarantee

These warranties apply to purchases made after 4-20-09

1-We have 4,200 sister stores (nationwide and in Canada) that can polish and clean your ring for free.
2-Lowest Price Guarantee or a free gift.
3-Free Lifetime Trade-in of center diamonds (usually with 100% of the original value,* often with a 1-5% increase per year) towards a larger or better quality diamond. Most other stores want you to double the amount of your original purchase (100%) before they will trade up. Our trade-ups can be as small as 25% of your original purchase investments.
4-Free lifetime appraisals for jewelry items purchased from Jewelers. Free updates available upon request (recommended every 5-10 years).
5-Free lifetime VIP membership for individuals who have made purchases of $995 or more. This entitles individuals to special additional discounts of 1-5% more off of items purchased in the future, including repairs and gift items.
6-Free lifetime re-rounding or straightening of slightly misshapen rings purchased from us (unless complete rebuilding is needed).
7-Free replacement of any small .005-.05ct side diamonds or color gems if lost or chipped (see warranty on the back of your original sales card) for the first two years. In order for your jewelry to qualify for this replacement, you must have your jewelry inspected and have the inspection documented every twelve months by a Jeweler’s Representative.
8-Free repair or replacement of mounting for one year if defects arise (as determined by Management).
9-Lifetime trade-in of old jewelry originally purchased at Jewelers for the current market price of the gold or platinum weight, and melee side diamond prices.**
10-Two free rhodium platings with ring and diamond purchases: one when the stone is set and one before the wedding.
11-Free lifetime deep cleaning and polishing for platinum and palladium rings.
12-Lifetime insurance (with annual premium) that covers everything but intentional abuse, including loss, theft, breakage, lost stones, mysterious disappearance, (it even covers your kids taking it out to the sand pile and losing it in the back yard or down the toilet!) etc.***
13-We will size your ring for free up to two times within the first 30 days of initial purchase.
14-We guarantee only the highest quality jewelry and gemstones. If we create a custom piece for you, we guarantee it to be a unique, hand-made masterpiece and promise it to be as perfect as hand work can be or we will remake it in the first 30 days of purchase (as determined by Management).
15-Free lifetime cleaning and inspections: bring your jewelry item as often as you like to any of our locations for a free professional cleaning and/or inspection.
16-For 24 months from the date of purchase, we guarantee the mounting for your gemstone or diamond against all defects in material or workmanship or we will repair it free of charge (as determined by Management).
17-We guarantee the carat weight of the stone we sell you, as well as the color and clarity within one grade per area.Exchange Policy: If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will gladly exchange your item for another more to your preference within 30 days from the date of original purchase (assuming items are in their original, undamaged, and unaltered condition). Custom jewelry and special orders are not returnable.

If you have any questions regarding your jewelry or this warranty please call us at (801) 226-6006.

*Some exceptions depending on the current diamond market.
**Trade-ins must be done through President, Vice President, or General Managers of Jewelers.
***Replacement requires a police report and notarized statement from husband and wife.

24 Reasons to Buy from Jewelers

1- We have four Certified Graduate Gemologists that can re-cert your diamond to verify your gemstone and its GIA report or AGS Certificate.
2- Every single diamond, or gemstone if requested, that we sell is charted or plotted, giving you a unique map or fingerprint of your stone. This gives you a lifetime distinctive ID for your specific stone.
Grade AGS=Best 0-10 worst GIA flawless, VVS1-2, VS1-2, SI1-2, Imp1-3.
3- Every gemstone, for a small additional charge, may be laser etched on the girdle edge with the diamond certificate report number, proving that your exact stone you have matches its report.
4- As a member of the American Gem Society (an international group of 4,200 stores in the United States, Canada) you can have your ring serviced at one of the sister stores where you can always have your gem re-fingerprinted to ensure you are getting the same stone back every time. “Accidents can happen without checks and balances!”
5- As an American Gem Society Member (AGS), we:
a. Conduct strict gemological examinations on all of our gemstones and put all our examination findings in writing, including qualities, cut, and fingerprints.
b. Possess a required amount of practical experience.
c. Possess a reputation for honesty and strict business ethics.
d. Observe Federal Trade Commission Rules, Better Business Bureau Recommendations, and adhere to American Gem Society and Gemological Institute of America Standards to protect the buying public.
6- Jewelers Company Mission Statement promises high quality goods, the best client education, professional treatment, total disclosure, integrity and honest business ethics (according to the AGS standards), and highest quality service every time.
7- Jewelers has state of the art Gem Labs with digital equipment to accurately grade every part of a gemstone correctly.
8- We are the only store with a “Best Value Anywhere Guarantee,” which guarantees that you will receive the highest goods at the best possible price, or we will give you a free $200 gent’s tungsten band.
9- We have a true guarantee on the 4 C grades for the stones that we have sold, which we stand behind. Most stores give customers a “Paper Mill” Certificate that is essentially worthless because they do not guarantee or stand behind the grades of the stones they have sold you.
10- We have a lowest price guarantee and buy directly from sources to cut out all middlemen on gemstone purchasing.
11- We guarantee your gem weight to be correct.
12- Our Orem store location, with 6,900 square feet, has the largest square footage of any jewelry store in the state of Utah. In addition, we own every location where possible for cost controls, saving you money in our prices by not having to pay overhead.
13- We have the latest knowledge in gem stone education.
14- We are the only store where the owners work, buy, educate, and work with customers daily.
15- We guarantee the finest, most professional staff.
16- We are locally owned by the Branscomb family, who began in 1979 over 30 years ago.
17- We have over 250 years of combined gemological knowledge, service, and buying skill.
18- We have accredited gem labs.
19- We have four brick and mortar locations in Utah.
20- We have the finest Sales associates and Corporate Staff with the average employee staying with us 7-15 years, and several staff members who have been with us for 20-25+ years.
21- We have the largest selection of rings and loose diamonds in Utah.
22- We have excellent in house goldsmiths who can size or set stones in most rings without having to ship your ring somewhere else.
23- Most repairs and sizing can be done in only two business days!
24- We create 50-100 new custom designs for our customers every month. We have something to please everyone, and if we don’t, we can make something new!

  • Franchises available, call 800-411-8067.
  • By now you can see we make it simple, easy, and enjoyable to become a client today with your investment of time and money.

At Jewelers,
We are privileged to play a small but important part in the many celebrations of love commemorated in the lives of our customers.
We consider the beautiful gemstones and precious metals we purvey to be a portion of the fullness of the earth created for the benefit and use of man— to please the eye, to gladden the heart, and to enliven the soul.
We believe the most modest piece of jewelry becomes magnificent when given and received in love, while the most magnificent purchase is merely modest compared to the love it was made to symbolize.
We encourage our customers to prudently purchase jewelry that is affordable for them because a decision to buy beyond their means becomes a burden rather than the blessing it was meant to be.
We promise to offer the best value for the best selection of beautiful jewelry and time pieces in every price range.
We pledge to be precise in our presentation of the quality, quantity, and cost of every piece of jewelry we quote.
We are prepared to professionally service every piece of jewelry we sell so our customers can cost-effectively preserve the symbolic splendor of their original investment.
We thank each of our customers for making Jewelers part of their celebrations of love and life together. We likewise look forward to honoring and sustaining families everywhere as we serve our customers throughout the years to come!

What Is the American Gem Society?
The American Gem Society was established in 1934 by a select group of independent jewelers and Robert M. Shipley, founder of the prestigious school of gemology, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).
It was their vision to create an association dedicated to setting and maintaining the highest possible standards of business ethics and professionalism in the jewelry industry. Today, American Gem Society members continue their dedication to ethics, knowledge and consumer protection.

The Most Knowledgeable Professionals, AGS Members:
Only a small percentage of those who apply for membership in the American Gem Society are awarded membership. In order for a firm to become a member of the American Gem Society they must meet the following criteria:
The firm owners, principals, or employees must have a high level of gemological knowledge. This includes having studied and completed an Accredited or Graduate Program from the GIA or Gemological Association of Great Britain.
The firm must hold a reputation for unquestioned integrity in the business community and must be operated in a way that will enhance the confidence of the public in the jewelry industry.
The owners and principals must demonstrate that they are genuinely interested in high business ethics and the firm exemplifies this belief.
The firm must be a retail or supplier jewelry business that has been established for at least two years and has demonstrated financial stability.

The Highest Code of Ethics:
To ensure our members practice the highest standard of business ethics, the Society prohibits certain business practices, including:
-Advertising which in any way is not the truth or has the intent to be misleading.
-Advertising or setting artificially high prices as the regular price to allow a fictitious sale price or supposed discount.
-Representing itself as a wholesaler and selling to the consumer.
-Employing the technique of bait and switch, which is attempting to influence customers to buy an article carrying a high mark-up in place of an article requested.
-Failing to advertise in accordance with recommendations set forth by the Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc.
-Any member found in violation of the Society’s code of ethics is subject to investigation and possible expulsion.
As a long time member of the American Gem Society, Jewelers = Trust
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